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Thompson Mug Co. - Dugout Mugs

Boston Red Sox INKED! Dugout Mug® | Baseball Bat Mug

Boston Red Sox INKED! Dugout Mug® | Baseball Bat Mug

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    For the first time ever, Dugout Mugs got INKED! Wood baseball bats turned into drinking mugs with full color logos of your favorite MLB team. Inked Dugout Mugs will only be here for an extremely limited time, so stock up now on all the gifts you need for the holidays!

    We handcraft a wooden baseball bat barrel into a fully functional 12oz drinking mug.

    Use our Boston Red Sox baseball bat mug to watch 'the big game' at home, put on display, or to be the life of party.

    We are a small business that was founded in a college baseball dugout. We love the game of baseball, and we love the people that make up the game. So, you can buy with confidence - we 100% have your back!

    Beverages to drink from our bat mugs: beer, mixed drinks, wine, soda, sports drinks, water, coffee, juices.

    Fun Fact about the Boston Red Sox: In 1912, 11 days before the official start of the Red Sox season - the Red Sox played their first game against the Harvard Clemson.


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