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    The MPTHREE RUNWAYZ are fashion-first. These will NOT make you better at sports (because my others do of course), but they WILL make you look better in pictures. Here's why they're great. 


    • FASHION-FIRST - These modern, fashion-focused sunglasses will keep you looking great for social posts. Ready to take a picture with your lil' baby who's just won his sixth ring in as many weekends? Here you go.
    • MIRROR LENSES - Sneak some peeks at the other parents or do a lil' scouting of your own with these mirror lenses. 
    • UV PROTECTIVE - Protects eyes from dirt, flying debris, and more. These hydrophobic lenses also repel water, and some report a Mommy Goggles effect. 
    • UNISEX STYLE - Whether you're a lawn-chair mom or a fence-grabbing dad, you will look better in these MPTHREE Shades. 
    • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE - With a lightweight from and comfortable style, these are made for all-day wear, even if Lil Timmy has 6 games in one day. 
    • OPTIMIZED AIRFLOW - With a breathable lens shape and airflow-promoting ridges, these glasses ventilate to reduce fogging. 
    • DESIGNED IN THE US - These sunglasses were designed in Kentucky, America. We're not just about horses and baseball bats anymore out here.
    • PUTTING THE "TRAVEL" IN TRAVEL BALL - All MPTHREE Shades come with a hard case, microfiber cleaning bag, and storage bag. They travel better than your travel team. 
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Includes a lifetime warranty, good for one replacement pair. 

    ➡️ Wanna know something crazy? These glasses are coming from the same factory that produces other fashion sunglasses that cost around $200. 

    These glasses are NOT $200. These are glasses for everybody. 😎

    Wearing your pair? Tag @mpthree on Instagram or TikTok for a chance to be featured on the site! 💪

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